Font Wall of Hanyi: design stories behind each mug

Established in 1993, Beijing Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “Hanyi”) is a high-tech enterprise with cultural creativity, who owns core intellectual property. As the earliest professional foundry in mainland China, Hanyi works in type design, font product development, researches on Chinese information technology, and application solutions for Chinese characters.

Since 2011, Hanyi has been responsible for important projects defined by “The National Guideline of cultural Development during the 11th Five-Year Period”. Over 500 Chinese fonts have been released to domestic and foreign markets since its establishment in 1993. Inheriting the craftsmanship from the traditional type foundries, Hanyi has revived the woodblock printing types used in Kangxi-version of Quan Tangshi (Complete Tang Poems), which is commended as a representative work in the golden age of Yangzhou woodblock printing during the Qing Dynasty. Hanyi also released Hanyi Qihei with maestro of Heiti, Mr. Qi Li. The other outstanding works created in the same period, including Yuanlong Hei, Tiexie Hei, Xin Renwen Song, Xiaomai-ti, are also active in the front line of the application market, obtained consistent high praises from both inside and outside the industries.

In 2013, Hanyi has done a wholly-owned acquisition of Shanghai Etrump. With unique technology of FullType Super Compact font, Hanyi achieved an all-round solution from typeface design to technical embedding, and began the journey to the Web. FullType is a technology of super-compact font that can solve the problem of large size in Chinese font files. The technology can reduce a standard TrueType file into less than 10% before, while keeping the clarity of the multi-stroke Chinese characters when displayed. The appearance has no difference with TTF file but the performance and visual effects can be greatly improved. It can be easily transplanted into various environments, completely solve the demerits such as “bulky” or “not suitable for network transmission” in the traditional Chinese font. With the exclusive technology that can resize the file down to 300 kB, we have successful cooperation both in traditional license and also in embedded systems, with clients including Volkswagen, NetEase News, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, MTK etc.

With high-quality font products and web font services, Hanyi continues to explore and brake the traditional license-selling model. Instead of beating pirates copies campaign, Hanyi now has a more friendly font service model, cooperated with third-party platform to provide better service for businesses with more fonts, license management, and functionality. On March 7, 2017, Hanyi reached a strategic cooperation with, the well-known domestic business platform. Base on platform of the, both sides now can provide one-stop font service for third-party businesses, completely solving t license issues for shop owners. An online cloud font technology service is also released with more intelligence and convenience.

In addition to the professional researches on typeface creativity and design, Hanyi now pay more attention to the market and explore the forefront technology. Facing the rapid development of mobile web industry, Hanyi timely focus on the performance of fonts in different application environment. In the field of Web 2C, Hanyi successfully began cooperation with Tencent mobile QQ platform, which has 900 million mobile users. Since 2013, font products collaborated with stars like Guo Jingming, Jing Boran, tfboys, Zhao Liying, and many others have been released, and some more covered video/visual media, including hot drama series such as like L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, Eternal Love, Princess Agents. In 2017, Hanyi gained the font license on mobile QQ for an international famous movie Transformer 5: The Last Knight, wining a large number of young users with a total access of 400 million user access. Concentrate in typeface, such an operation created a whole new font-using experience in font industry.

Hanyi inherits the craftsmanship from the traditional type foundries, concentrates in professional font products, to provide professional font services for the designers, and also provide more excellent mobile web products to 2C clients on web basing on typeface. Hanyi is now becoming a high-tech company that has core font products with cultural creativity and the Web extendibility.