Comprehensive Font Solution

Hanyi provides full-range font solution for different scenarios, including FullType compact fonts, Global multi-language fonts, color fonts and dynamic fonts, together with web fonts and bitmap fonts etc. Various Chinese fonts can meet various needs of enterprises. Advanced compression technology for vector font can bring better displaying in embedded products and web applications, and color fonts and dynamic fonts can bring a whole new show case on mobile web platform. The global fonts provide a full range of international font support for oversea-focused products.

FullType Super Compact Technology

FullType is a technology of super-compact font that can solve the problem of large size in Chinese font files. The technology can reduce the size of a standard TrueType file to less than 10% before, while keeping the clarity of the multi-stroke Chinese characters when displayed. The appearance has no difference from TTF file but the performance and visual effects can be greatly improved. It can be easily transplanted into various environments, completely solve the demerits such as “bulky” or “not suitable for network transmission” as traditional Chinese fonts. Its high reliability is verified during the usage of QQ mobile app, NetEase News and MIUI. FullType fonts can either be used with the FullType engine or converted into standard TTF. In addition, the FullType engine also supports main font formats such as TTF (TrueType), OTF (OpenType), and BDF (Bitmap).
Why should I use FullType super compact font technology?

Global Font Solution

Professional text processing, layout engine and fonts support more than 90 languages, covering almost all regions of the world. Optimized CTL (complex text layout) processing can make the analysis results more accurate. Support embedding into SOC chips, operating systems, apps and other scenarios.
Why should I use the global font solution?

Color font and dynamic font

The FullType super compact font, as Hanyi’s exclusive technology can reduce file size significantly. And web-specific color font and dynamic font are also developed for greatly enhanced appearance. Color font and dynamic font are already adapted in IM app QQ.
Why should I use color fonts and dynamic fonts?

Color font Use Case

Dynamic font Use Case